About Us

SilverEdge Cooperative is a locally owned cooperative serving our customer's needs since 1931. "Our mission is to provide superior customer service and knowledge of the many agricultural fields while working with our customers to see them strive for success. We are dedicated to our work and the always changing fields of Agriculture."


We provide quality products and services to our producers in the grain, agronomy, feed and
energy departments; while being conveniently located for our customers in North Eastern Iowa.

A cooperative can only be as productive and knowledgeable as the producers who own it and the direction they provide. We value the opinions and ideas of all of our members, and we encourage them to pass these ideas on to our employees and board of directors.


2020 Board of Directors Nominating Committee



Alex Keppler

Alex and his wife Brittany have been members of SilverEdge Cooperative for 13 years. Together they have three children Harper (5), Melanie (3), and Leo (1).  Alex started out on the family farm after college in 2007. He has expanded his operation over the years and is currently farming 500 acres. Majority of those acres are corn and soybeans along with alfalfa. Their operation also includes milking 160 head of dairy cows and raising the steers to slaughter weight. Alex is an active member of the Viafield Co-op, Farm Bureau, ECI REC, and AMPI. Alex has also been on the board of the Arlington Community Club and AMPI- Young Cooperators. Alex comments, “The last three years as a board member have been very enlightening. The farming community has been through a rough patch recently and I have kept that in mind in our discussions and board meetings.”


Tim Rathe

Tim and Carol Rathe of Lamont have been members of SilverEdge Cooperative for 15 years. They have three children Brett Zierath of Cedar Rapids, Blake Zierath of Waterloo, and Maranda Rathe of Lamont. The Rathe’s farming operation consists of 1,000 acres of corn, soybeans, and alfalfa, 50 head of stock cows, and 50 feeder calves. Tim is also an active member of Iowa Regional Utilities Association, Alliant Energy, Farmer’s Win Cooperative, and IAS. Tim has also served on the Buchanan County Farm Bureau Board.


Grant Guetzko

Grant and his wife Tana reside in the Delhi area with their three children Greg, Garrett, and Gabriela. They have been farming for over 40 years. Their operation, Lakehurst Farm, keeps very busy with swine finishing, beef cattle finishing, a cow/calf operation, and raising corn, hay, and oats. They also run Big G’s campground and Lakeview Living Rentals adjacent to their farm. Lakehurst Farm has been a member with SilverEdge Coopertive for 35 years. They have also been active members of REC, Farm Bureau, Delaware County Cattlemen’s and Pork Producers, and have served on various St. Paul’s Church committees. Grant says, “I have enjoyed serving on the SilverEdge Co-op Board over the past years. I have seen many changes during this time such as the ever-changing need for the customers; leasing/purchasing of larger and faster equipment, updating to the latest technology and still be able to pay out the dividend’s that we do at the end of the year. All is very necessary to run a profitable business.  


SilverEdge Cooperative Board of Directors

Jim Smith - President

David Venteicher - Vice-President

Lynn Brunsman - Secretary-Treasurer

Doug Wilson - Director

Dennis Knipper - Director

Richard Thurn - Director

Grant Guetzko- Director

Alex Keppler- Director

Tim Rathe - Director


Tony Hemann, General Manager, CEO

SilverEdge Cooperative